Turnberry Isle Miami

Turnberry Isle Miami is a 300-acre tropical playground in Aventura, Florida; a short drive from Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Since welcoming our very first guests nearly a half century ago, our majestic resort has become a cherished vacation destination and one of the best golf resorts in Florida, with a marvelous array of fun things to do for guests of all ages. In 1967, real estate developer Donald Soffer dreamed of turning 750-acres of North Miami Beach sand, mangrove trees and swamps into an upscale, planned residential area and sketched out his vision onto a cocktail napkin. Fast-forward 45 years, the vibrant city of Aventura, Spanish for "adventure," is the embodiment of Soffer's sketch with golf courses, lakes and scenic exercise trails built within an exclusive neighborhood complete with shopping centers, reisdences and office buildings. The hotel's unspoiled beauty was designed around a 100-year-old Banyan tree to accommodate and protect the Banyan tree's continued growth and expansion. In addition to hosting prestigious LPGA and PGA golf tournaments, the resort has been the setting for a variety of major motion pictures and television programs.

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