Bacardi Headquarters

With its pair of mid-century buildings, the headquarters for Bacardi USA has been a downtown Miami icon since the early 1960s. The design challenge was to define how the headquarters relocation could accommodate Bacardi’s brand acquisitions while creating an effective workplace to streamline the company’s operations and portray the individuality of each brand. This project needed to catalyze collaboration among Bacardi brands while respecting the history and culture of each. Each of the eight floors has its own color scheme, representing the diversity of Bacardi’s brands. The design conveys the company’s heritage by drawing from its roots in Cuba, Mexico, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The workplace environment includes a combination of private offices, open office space, communal meeting spaces and break areas to encourage collaboration among different departments. A custom-designed lighting system allows flexibility for special meeting and presentation requirements. Sensors adjust light levels based on the amount of natural light. Bacardi USA is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, and employs more than 300 people. The Company sells in 160+ global markets and operates 29 production facilities in 16 countries.

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